Life can change in the blink of an eye…

Today is Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

Wear it Pink….pink wigs, tutus, legging makeup, underwear…

I used to love everything pink.

But Cancer is NOT Pink and Fluffy.

Breast Cancer is NOT the ‘good’ one.

It strips you of all femininity...

Life changes forever for you and your loved ones.

Know your body, its the only one you have!

Each year in the UK alone, 300+ men are diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Check regularly, not just your breasts but your whole body if something doesn’t feel right ask your doctor, not google!

Appreciate everyday, because everyday is a blessing.

But for today….Pink DOES raise awareness

For today I wear pink and donate to charities….with gratitude for all the treatment and support I have received,

because – Cancer has not stopped because of Covid!

Please please do the same,

for whichever charity is close to YOUR heart.

Love Nikki x

Author: nikkijsmith

Wife, mum, daughter,sister, through Breast Cancer Treatment. This is me trying to make sense of this mad world of cancer whilst making the most of every day....I hope it helps 😊

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