Every Day is Mother’s Day….


Mothers day when we were little was so simple, cards made at school, usually with paper flowers, we used to go to church and they would give us daffodils to give to our mums. When my kids were young it was starting to get more commercialised but there was no social media. I remember the first year when they had been given money to get me a present – I was presented with a tray full of chocolate treats (literally full!) and they sat watching me, willing me to eat everything – which included a pack of 6 chocolate filled pancakes, all taken out of their packs. For info I didn’t let them down 😍.

Fast forward to 2020, and this is a Mothers Day like nothing that we will have seen since the war. We need to remember that – those mothers whose sons had gone to fight for our county, not knowing if they would be coming back. Young mums whose husbands were fighting and faced the potential of being left on their own to bring up families. We really don’t have it that in comparison. We really don’t have it hard in comparison.

We have seen the introduction of new Phrases…. ‘Social Isolating‘…yep this one’s easy…. working from home, slippers on, coffee and biscuits to hand ✔ decorating ✔ little bit of daytime TV ✔. ‘Social Distancing‘…not quite as easy… What, really no shopping?? no holidays?? YES! When people find this hard to comprehend – just think back to your grandmothers generation during the war…we do still have it really easy with 24 hour internet access providing videos for every circumstance – workouts, singing, dance, children, older generation, dogs the list goes on…

So instead of seeing Olly, Millie and our parents we used Text and Face-time. Millie excitedly showed me my pressie for my fairy garden (doesn’t everyone have one?) with as much excitement as when she was little. I do worry that after splitting with their dad that memories of the times together will be lost, but sharing pictures of photos and talking about these kept them alive, and they now share funny videos from the good old ‘camcorder’days!

Every day is Mothers Day however near or far they are. This time last year I didn’t dare dream that I would still be here, and I struggled picturing them without me. Love is in the heart and I will always be in their’s, and them in mine and that’s all we need.

So for now, in these difficult days hold your love ones close in your heart and smile at the memories, taking every opportunity to make new ones.

Love Nikki xx